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Refunds are still being processed by  This guide will be updated if the situation changes., an online Bitcoin wallet operated by community member TradeFortress has recently been hacked. According to the site’s homepage, “Two hacks totalling about 4100 BTC have left unable to pay all user balances.” Some members of the BitcoinTalk forum have gone as far as claiming that the site was a scam. There really is no way to know for sure.

Fortunately, if you had more than 1 BTC stored in your account, you are eligible for a partial refund. We were able to get some of our Bitcoins back. and we hope you can too. Here’s how we did it:

Check your account balance to see how many BTC you had stored in You are able to login to the website, although you cannot make any transactions. Do not deposit more BTC into your account.

Send an email to  using the email associated with your account. Include a Bitcoin address to receive your refund. The homepage suggests “an offline, open source light/SPV wallet like Multibit or Electrum”, which is a good choice for security and speed. However, any Bitcoin address should work.

Wait for a reply . We managed to get a response from support only 30 minutes after sending an email. It’s likely some people will have much longer waiting times, since the support system is likely filled with refund requests at the moment. The amount we got refunded was approximately 57% of our account balance.

We received this email from

Hi, we have sad news.. Due to major hacks, Inputs does not have enough BTC to repay everyone fully. We’re dividing up the coins we do have left based on a sliding scale, and have sent it to the specified address. On your Inputs account, your balance should have flipped to the negative to indicate you’ve received a refund. We apologize sincerely for the lost Bitcoins. It’s been a very hard lesson for us, and we’re sorry that we have to pass it onto our users. Please respond to the email if you have any queries.

For people with less than 1 BTC in their account , there’s still hope! TradeFortress has posted on the BitcoinTalk forums, saying that refunds for larger balances are prioritized, since refunds are done manually. It’s very possible that people with lower balances will be able to withdraw BTC from the service in the future.

The reality is that many Bitcoin casino users have been using as a way to make Bitcoin transactions easily, and they have now lost in total over $1.1 million worth of BTC. We are trying our best to make sure people can get their money back safely.