Ice Dice Review


Ice Dice is a relatively new dice site, designed primarily with mobile users in mind. Along with the typical features found in other dice sites, the casino also offers a live chat to converse with other players in real time. There is also a feature that allows you to pick the range, where the winning number of a bet can be found. This is an interesting change, since other dice sites will only allow you to roll higher or lower than a certain value. Another point of interest is that there is an option to translate the site into different languages, such as Chinese, Spanish, and Russian.

Like most other Bitcoin gambling sites, the only accepted currency is BTC.

Deposits and withdrawals on this site are easy, even on touchscreen devices. The buttons, sliders, and menus all work perfectly on desktops and smartphones alike. We initially had a complaint regarding the responsiveness of the site on mobile devices, but it was addressed very quickly by the owner.

The player base of Ice Dice is quite small compared to other Bitcoin dice sites. However, there were a few plaers active inside the chat box during our visits to Ice Dice. Many bets that take place on Ice Dice tend to be very small amounts. It is very uncommon to see bets higher than 1 BTC, but this could change as players start to gain confidence in the site.

An interesting feature of Ice Dice is the option for users to invest in the site’s bankroll.

Previously, Just-Dice was the only major dice site where this option was available. Some investors have expressed doubts concerning investing in such a new gambling site. In such a new site, having investors is a great option to raise the site’s bankroll and attract new users.

The casino has recently started many promotions to both Bitcoin Talk forum users, and new members. The promotions are typically giveaways of around 0.01 BTC, provided to users who make a new account, or follow the Twitter profile.
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We see a lot of potential for Ice Dice to be the top choice for mobile Bitcoin gamblers. The site has a solid foundation, but we will have to see if it can attract enough players and investors to succeed.

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