Dragon’s Tale Review


Dragon’s Tale is an massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that allows you to play games as a method of gambling Bitcoins, with or without other players. The game requires a downloadable client. There are usually around 20 to 30 players online at any given time. Dragon’s Tale has been around since 2010, and they’ve demonstrated great financial security. While it’s a shame that Dragon’s Tale isn’t provably fair, it’s understandable considering the complexity of the casino. The game uses the Mersenne twister pseudo random number generator, to generate results.

An exception to this is the Haystacks game, which uses WELL 44497a.

When signing in to Dragon’s Tale for the first time, all new players are greeted with a tutorial and the level system – once you complete the tutorial, your level increases to 1, and as you gamble more, your level increases and you unlock more features of Dragon’s Tale. You can read about our experience playing on Dragon’s Tale here.

Dragon’s Tale offers a Bitcoin Faucet, by scattering various Soldier Statues around the world of Dragon’s Tale, and allowing the player to search them to gain “kSAT” – multiples of 1000 satoshis – or “BTM”, which are multiples of 0.001 BTC, depending on how lucky the player is.

The game requires the player to gamble small amounts, and by winning on a variety of games, the player will gain a level and be able to access new areas, new games, and higher stakes.

For new players, the game allows you to send a request to anyone who has a level above 5 to become your mentor. Mentorship has a few benefits, such as being able to get help from your mentor, and from most mentors, they will pay you a percentage (usually 50%) of the rakeback they earn from your wagers, whether you win or lose.

A screenshot of the Dragon’s Tale game

Dragon’s Tale also runs various promotions, one of which is a rewards system called Dragon’s Treasures. Once a player reaches Level 3, they will start to accumulate a percentage of their wagers in their Dragon’s Treasures for free, whether they win or lose a bet. Once a player fills up their Dragon’s Treasures to 100%, they can visit any archway and claim 2 BTC for free. While this promotion does take a while, it’s nice to see that Dragon’s Tale rewards players who are loyal to their casino. Dragon’s Tale also has other promotions, such as promotional codes.

Various special soldier statues are scattered around the interactive world, and they give instructions on how to claim special prizes and promotional codes. One soldier statue describes how to claim a promotional code for making a post on a forum about Dragon’s Tale, for instance.

An interesting feature that we discovered with Dragon’s Tale was Tournaments. Mentors that have reached level 10, called Organizers, can create tournaments of skill games, in which players are pitted against other players. Tournaments can have varying entry fees and prizes, and are shown to every single player in the form of an alert – meaning that Tournaments can be large and complex ways to earn BTC.

Dragon’s Tale is a massive and amazing game, with lots of features, some big and some small.

The variety of those features, combined with the loyal player community, unique gambling theme and MMO client makes Dragon’s Tale different to any other Bitcoin casino that has ever been seen. For some, Dragon’s Tale is a very interesting novelty, and for others, it’s a great way to gamble your BTC. Whatever you think Dragon’s Tale is, the verdict should be the same – Dragon’s Tale is fun, unique and it’s not going to leave the scene any time soon.
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Is Dragon’s Tale a massively multiplayer online game? Or is it just a 3D Bitcoin casino? Whatever it is, it’s definitely unique, and it should be on any Bitcoin gambler’s must-try list.
Customer Support
Financial Security
Player Traffic
Unique gameplay
Many games to choose from
Free BTC from statues
Not provably fair
Cannot be played in a web browser
4.4 Overall Score
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