Just-Dice Review


Just-Dice, a website true to its name, allows Bitcoin gamblers to gamble their Bitcoins via a dicing interface. However, Just-Dice has a twist which makes it unique, as well as the first of its kind in a new service – allowing gamblers to invest in the dice site’s bankroll.

The site’s low house edge, and impressive array of features make it a popular choice for high rollers, and regular players alike.

First off, the gambling.

Just-Dice utilizes a dicing system which allows you to bet up to a point depending on your chance of winning (players can gamble to win up to 1 million times their bet), and that point is determined by the maximum profit you can make per bet, which is 0.5% of the BTC currently invested in the site’s bankroll. However, due to the massive size of the site’s bankroll, the maximum profit per bet is usually in the hundreds of BTC – Just-Dice has a massive level of financial security, with tens of thousands of BTC in cold storage, which can be seen at the Bitcoin address 14o7zMMUJkG6De24r3JkJ6USgChq7iWF86.

Just-Dice also allows users to gamble in a different way, by investing and divesting in the site’s bankroll. Investors can invest any amount from 0.01 BTC upwards, and will receive a share of the site’s profits based on their percentage share of the bankroll, minus a 10% fee for the site operator. Investorss can also divest at any time, and combined with the fact that the site operator hasn’t run away with the millions of USD worth of Bitcoin he has been trusted with, it makes investing in the bankroll an enjoyable form of gambling, with a positive expectation. Just-Dice is the first site of its kind to implement an investment feature.

Just-Dice has a 1% house edge, which is approximately on par with most other dice sites.

The site also has a bunch of features – not only the invest & divest feature, but the dice site also features a chat room which has a high level of activity, as well as a ticket system – users can e-mail an automatic bot and receive a reply from the bot to track progress with the ticket. The site operators (user ID’s 1 & 2) are also commonly in the chat room, meaning that support is almost excellent and easy to acquire on Just-Dice.

Unfortunately, Just-Dice does not often hold promotions, although it did have a brief opening promotion of 2+ BTC, and giveaways to compensate for the site being offline.  This could be a sign that if the site starts to profit more, it may offer more promotions in the future. However, this is largely due to the low house edge of 1% and the so-far low profit compared to the expected profit that Just-Dice has supposed to have seen.

All in all, the casino is well-run and has an operator who is respected in the community.

It brought the new feature of investing in the dice site’s bankroll to the table, and is well respected as the original dice site for investing in. With Just-Dice’s massive bankroll and extremely active player base, it’s unlikely that Just-Dice is going to be leaving the dicing scene any time soon.
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Just-Dice does exactly what it advertises – it allows users to roll the dice, or invest, and be the house. The 1% house edge, and abundance of features makes Just-Dice one of the most popular Bitcoin dice sites in the world.

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