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Dicenow is not your average dice game. The casino offers Bitcoin, and Litecoin gambling, with a colorful, Metro-style interface. With the constant competition from other casinos, does Dicenow have what it takes to secure its own place in the Bitcoin gambling world?

Apparently so. Dicenow actually has a lot of features, most of which are quite enticing for the average Bitcoin gambler, such as the “auto”, and “robot” betting modes. Players can change the settings to tell the bot how it should run to their own specifications.

The bot also allows players to select from a variety of popular betting progressions, such as the Martingale, or Paroli. Custom progressions can also be defined. The auto feature allows players to perform “over 9000 rolls per click”, according to the site’s homepage. The robot feature is slightly different, and it performs 1 roll every second. It is more similar to the automatic betting feature on sites like PrimeDice.

The betting history screen

Another interesting feature is that players are allowed to choose their house edge (1%, 2%, or 3%) when making bets. There are different investment bankrolls for each house edge, so the max bet may be smaller on a low house edge. The betting interface allows users to switch between Bitcoin, Litecoin and Freecoin (play money) betting quickly. The site tells the player how many rolls the bot made, their bankroll and their profit. A chart underneath the betting interface always displays how much profit the player has made that session, for each type of coin.

The site is provably fair, and it contains a page which explains the provably fair concept and how to verify it. There is also has a box at the bottom of the betting interface which allows gamblers to randomize the seeds. Like some of its competitors,

Dicenow allows users to also invest by investing in the site’s bankroll, but with unique options. For instance, Dicenow allows investors to choose two investing methods – “Simple invest”, or “Custom invest”. For simple investments, the site splits the gambler’s investment between their 1%, 2% and 3% house edges, and allows the gambler to choose what risk they will take: one quarter, one half or one full Kelly criterion. Or, for the more daring investors, they can choose the “Custom invest” option, and decide whether they want to invest in the 1%, 2% or 3% house edges, and set their risk to anything between a quarter of a Kelly criterion or 10 Kelly criterions.

The investment screen at Dicenow provides detailed statistics, and investment history.

Dicenow has a built-in IRC chat room which allows gamblers to converse as they bet, which is always great to see.

The administrator, pitboss, answered our questions about the site quickly, and professionally. Dicenow has not held any promotions yet, at the time of writing, which may be due to its young age as well as the fact that the bankroll is investor-funded. Despite this, Dicenow does still offer a unique experience to gamblers, with fast and smooth software that is appealing to the eye and enjoyable to use. While Dicenow is a small site at the moment, with so many unique features, Dicenow seems set to become more popular. It could eventually become a major gambling site, which could rival some of the other large gambling sites such as Just-Dice, and PrimeDice. Click here to play on Dicenow now!

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Summary: Dicenow boasts many interesting features, which cannot be found in most other Bitcoin dice games. The site should work on improving their software so it runs more smoothly, and attracting more players.

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